When to replace shock absorbers (6 noticeable signs)

When driving, a vehicle’s shocks are always in use. Like many other car components, overtime this continuous use will lead to general wear and tear and they’ll lose their ability to function properly. There are signs you need new shocks that are right under your nose. Once you know them you’ll be able to determine if you need to take your vehicle to the workshop. Here are 6 tell-tale signs you can notice for when to replace shock absorbers.

When to replace shock absorbers:

Longer stopping distancewhen to replace shock absorbers

Having worn shock absorbers on your vehicle can increase your stopping distance by up to 20%. As you increase your travelling speed this will also increase the distance it takes your vehicle to completely stop. This 20% extra distance can be enough to cause a fatal incident and should be attended to as soon as possible.

Swerving & nose-divescar nose dive under braking example image

Does your car dip or swerve under braking? If so you need to have your shock absorbers checked. If you do dip or swerve under braking it decrease your control over the car which can be very dangerous in wet weather.

Vibrationsexample of vibrations through car steering wheel

Are you getting vibrations through the steering wheel as you’re driving along? If your shocks are working properly they should keep your tyres in optimal contact with the road and there shouldn’t be any vibrations. If this problem occurs you need to be cautious, at high speeds the vibrations can be more intense and decreasing overall control of the vehicle.

Car sliding & veeringcar sliding example

Do you have to correct car sliding or veering across the road in mild winds? This is a tell-tale sign of worn shocks and can be easily fixed with a shock replacement.


Rocking & rattlingcar rocking and rolling

If your vehicle rattles and rocks over bumps, railway tracks and uneven surfaces it is highly likely your shocks are heavily worn. Along with an unpleasant ride this rocking and rolling can be putting unwanted pressure on other car components and should be seen to as soon as possible.

Uneven tyre weartyres wearing unevenly due to worn shocks

Can you see bald patches or uneven wear on your tyres? This usually means your tyres don’t have optimal contact with the road, which can be caused by worn shocks. This will have an affect on car control and tyre grip and both should be checked and replaced.

REMEMBER: Only 4 postcard sized areas of your tyres are ever in contact with the road. It makes sense to have your shocks functioning properly to make sure you’ve got all the grip and control available.

Not sure about your shocks?

If you’re not 100% sure that your shocks are working properly, the best thing to do is to get in contact with your nearest Repco Authorised Service centre.

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  1. vonryandolorvaldez@yahoo.com says:

    hi, i have a gen 1 mitsubishi pajero. Can i consider changing to gas shocks or keep hyrdraulic shocks?

  2. Mehul Panchal says:

    my car shock absorbers are checked okay but my car running on road not steadely.