How to test your tyres for leaks

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Hey all!
Following on our posts about saving your tyres and taking good care of your car, we thought we would write up a post regarding tyre leaks to further ensure peak performance of your cars.

It definitely is the little things you do to your car that not only save you money but also can potentially save you.
We hope you enjoy the post.

Why Tyres Leak
There are any number of reasons why tyres develop leaks.  These range from wear issues and leaking valves, right through to the unlucky and un welcome puncture.

How to Test for Leaks
First up, inspect the tyre you suspect has the leak, looking for obvious signs of wear or items like nails that may have been picked up on the road and become embedded in the rubber.

To check for a leaking valve, simply remove the cap and put a little saliva on the valve. If it bubbles, you have a leak.  If there are no bubbles, the valve should be fine.

If the valve is fine, this may mean you have a small, leak slow leak from a non obvious puncture.  You can test this at home yourself  by removing the wheel and putting it in water to check for bubbles, which can be time consuming and difficult to do, or take it to a trained professional and ask them to test it for you.

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