Storing Your Car Safely over the Holidays

Many of us may be heading away from home over the holiday season, which leaves our poor car at home along with our pets.

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Today’s post will look at steps to help us store our car safely to maintain its condition and performance when we get back from our holiday.

If your car is going to sit around for an extended period of time, more than perhaps a few weeks, you should take steps to store it properly. Otherwise, mechanical problems can arise from disuse.

1. Change the Oil and Filter

2. Fill the tank with fresh, premium fuel

3. Make sure Coolant levels are proper

4. Inflate the Tires to Proper Pressure

5. Clean and wax the Car

6. Consider placing a sheet of Vapour Barrier Plastic under the Car on the floor if being stored indoors

7. Open a window slightly if stored indoors, but not enough to allow small animals inside

8. Use a battery maintainer if the car will be stored for more than a month

9. Place a piece of Plastic Wrap on the Wind shield under the Wiper blades, to prevent the rubber from sticking to the glass

10. If you are comfortable with basic mechanics, Remove the Spark Plugs and spray a small amount of Oil into the cylinders to Prevent Rusting, then insert the plugs again

11. If the car will be stored for extended periods of time, it is advisable to jack it up on axle stands to avoid flat spots in the tires

12. Release the Parking Brake

13. Place a Note to Yourself on the steering wheel outlining which optional steps above you carried out (rag in exhaust, rag in intake, carpets removed, battery removed, etc)

14. Lock the Doors

15. Use a Car Cover only for outdoor storage, or in very dusty locations

Hope these tips help you to maintain your car if you are off over the holidays.
Have a great Christmas!


Information from WikiHow

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