Dangers Your Car Faces with the Wrong Plug

NGK Spark Plug

Save your engine with the right plug

NGK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spark plugs advises that choosing the wrong plug for your car can result in “poor ignitability”.  This can result in:

–       An incomplete combustion cycle which results in…

–       Unburnt fuel entering the exhaust system which in turn…

–       Has a negative downstream effect on the vehicles oxygen sensors, catalytic converter

–       And finally, increases vehicle emissions

Let’s have a closer look at choosing the right spark plug.

One Size Does Not Fit All.

Choosing the right spark plug can save not only your engine from damage, it can also greatly impact the performance of your car.

Every vehicle is unique with its engine capacity, engine code and manufacturing period, and therefore requires a specific spark plug.

Each type of spark plug has a different internal resistor depending on the vehicle and the engine specifications. For instance there are non-resistor, standard glass resistor and inductive resistor spark plugs. Fitment of a spark plug with a different resistor to that recommended by the manufacturer can result in poor engine performance and permanent damage to components in the vehicles electrical system.
It is important that the right spark plug is fitted to you vehicle. Make sure you speak to your local Repco Authorised Service technician about the high quality parts that they recommend and fit.


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