Saving your Tyres!

We’re talking tyres today!
We are going to go through how you can be safe and save money with the correct maintenance, care and replacement of your tyres.

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Safety First With Tyres
Correct maintenance of tyres is vital to driver safety and it can save you money too. Your tyres are the first point in the braking system of your car. Correctly inflated tyres impacts on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Tyre Wear
TyreThe typical tyre has a life of around 45,000km, but this can vary depending on the type of tyre (and compound), individual driving styles, local climate and the type of vehicle the tyre is fitted to.

At 120 km/h, your tyres will wear out twice as fast as when you drive at 70 km/h. If your tyres are under-inflated by twenty per cent tyre life can be reduced by thirty per cent. Don’t inflate your tyres above 40 psi or 280 kPa. When the tyres get hot from driving, the pressure will increase even more.

Tyre Maintenance
It is important that tyres are regularly checked to ensure they are safe to drive on. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure improved performance and increased longevity of your tyres, whilst improving your fuel economy.

1. Check The Tyre Air Pressure Regularly
Regularly check that all tyres are inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Such checks should be made at least once a month and also before any long trips. The recommended pressure is usually listed in the vehicles’ owners manual or on the placard inside the driver or passenger’s door. Some vehicles have this information in the glove box. Make sure that all spare tyres are in good condition and are kept properly inflated.

If your car handles in a heavy, sluggish manner, chances are your tyres are under-inflated. The average tyre should be inflated to between 20 and 30 psi or 140kPa. to 210kPa. Don’t let your tyres sink lower than 15 psi or 105kPa, as the tyre may overheat, and deflate completely.

2. Regularly Rotate The Tyres
Regular rotation can considerably extend the life of the tyres. Rotation of tyres is recommended every 10,000 to 13,000 kilometres. Some tyres may require a different rotation process due to their tread patterns. Your Repco Authorised Service Centre may be able to advise the correct process for your particular tyres.

3. Check The Wheel Alignment Regularly
Have the wheel alignment checked on any vehicle known to have hit something, such as a gutter or exceptionally large pot hole. Alignment should also be checked if you notice any abnormal wear patterns on the shoulders of any tyres or if you notice a difference in the vehicle’s handling. All drivers should be aware of these things.

4. Make Sure Wheels Are Properly Balanced
Have a wheel balance whenever a tyre is replaced, when balance weights are moved or removed, whenever you purchase new tyres, or at the first sign of vibration or irregular tyre wear.

About Tyre Size
The specifications for the correct tyre for your vehicle can usually be found in the owner’s manual, on the driver’s (or passenger’s) door jamb or on the tyre wall. If in doubt, contact your nearest Repco Authorised Service Centre for advice.

Tyre Care and Replacement Tips
You should have tyres inspected or replaced if any of the following occur…

  • When only 3mm (or less) of tread remains on the tyre
  • You experience sudden vibration whilst driving the vehicle
  • The tread wear indicator (also known as the wear bar) in the grooves of the tread is visible
  • There are obvious punctures, cuts, snags or other damage in the tyre
  • You experience gradual air loss in the tyre
  • You (or one of your drivers) experiences poor handling, particularly on wet surfaces

Tyres are just one part of the braking system in your car. Click here to read more about safe braking

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