10 Tips to Save on Car Costs

Top Ten Tips to help reduce your running costs

Save Car Costs

1. Use less accelerator and only use enough pedal to maintain a constant speed. This reduces tyre wear and mechanical repairs.

2. Keep the battery fully charged. A constantly discharged battery will not see out its full life.

3. Keep your tyres at the recommended pressure. This can reduce your fuel consumption by 10% or more.

4. Keep your engine clean. It makes servicing easier and reduces the risk of grease and grime build-up hampering cables and other moving parts.

5. Fix small mechanical problems before they become larger ones.You can save expensive repairs that way.

6. Run your car air conditioner even in winter. Just a few minutes will prevent the seals from drying out.

7. Make sure you check your radiator level regularly and top it up if necessary. Use coolant, not water, as this will retard corrosion and save later repairs.

8. Make sure your fan belt is tensioned correctly (about 2cm free play only). A slipping belt can deteriorate quickly and cause wear to water pump and alternator bearings.

9. Start winter with fresh engine oil. Old oil thickens and imposes extra strain on the engine, particularly on cold morning starts.

10. Service your car regularly. A well tuned and maintained vehicle will perform better and more economically. 

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