Reasons why we Road Rage

Road rage

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Road Rage

We have all experienced road rage in one way or another.
From us venting to getting vented on aggressively on the roads, this is a problem that is increasingly evident on our roads.

In 2007, a study found that 74% of people claimed to suffer from and have been victims of road rage.

The top 3 causes of road rage were found to be

– Inconsiderate driving
– Someone pushing in front at the last minute
– Following closely – tailgating

Other causes were:

– Failing to indicate
– Driving too slowly
– Pulling out without looking
– Excessive honking of the horn or head light flashing
– Obscene language
– Competitive merging
– Deliberate obstruction
– Holding up traffic when turning
– Competition for car park spaces
– Changing lanes and cutting drivers off

As we nod our heads in agreement that these actions taken by drivers are highly irritating, we need to check if we are guilty of these actions too.

Safer roads for families and all comes from personal responsibility on the road.

When we begin to check ourselves before we start jumping into the grey area of ‘good driving’, we see which situations make us lose our cool.

This doesn’t mean we’re the big problem but if we can do our part in reducing this type of behaviour, it is a great start!

Finally, road rage is emotion driven, it is to take firm control of our emotions as they spike because of offensive driving to stop us from getting angry. Of course when we feel wronged we feel the need to payback but if you can take a step back, calm down and catch your composure, we are sure that the roads will become safer day by day.

Here are some great tips from the Repco Service Road Rage Campaign page.

1. Avoid conflict on the road
Share the road
Give yourself time and space to react to others

2. Keep calm, show restraint
Understand that aggravating moves by other drivers are usually unintentional
Don’t show your frustration by making gestures- they could be the last straw for some one else
If someone else’s driving annoys you …
Don’t try to compete, retaliate or “educate” them
Be patient in traffic [follow the rule “let one in and go”]

3. Say “thanks”/ say “sorry”
Courtesy encourages co-operative, safe road use
Apologising to the other driver when you make a mistake, reduces confrontation and defuses anger

4. What to do in the event of violent road rage
Try not to react
Avoid making eye contact [confrontational]
Don’t respond by accelerating, braking or swerving suddenly
If you think you’re being followed, try to drive to a busy public place or Police Station, before you stop
If you’re on a freeway, mingle with other vehicles- don’t leave the freeway for unfamiliar roads
Keep the and doors and boot locked
Keep windows and sunroofs only partly open in urban areas

5. What to do in the event of physical threats
Stay in your car with windows locked
If you have a mobile phone, call for help
Use the car horn and lights to attract attention
Never carry a defensive weapon- it could simply provoke a potential assailant

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We hope for safer roads.
Have an awesome day :)

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