Storing Your Car Safely over the Holidays

Many of us may be heading away from home over the holiday season, which leaves our poor car at home along with our pets. Today’s post will look at steps to help us store our car safely to maintain its … Continue reading


Cabin Air Filters

Knowing the health issues about cabin air filters.

The air inside an average vehicle has been proven to have a much higher concentration of pollutants than the air just outside the vehicle.

These contaminants can trigger headaches, nausea, fatigue and nasal reactions.
Sufferers of asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems are especially at risk.

Please watch the video for more in depth information.

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Get Ready for Summer – Cooling System Hoses

As summer rolls in, it’s probably a great time to ensure our cooling system hoses are in good shape! We hope this post informs you of: – Making sure your engine doesn’t overheat due to hoses – Testing the radiator … Continue reading

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Could You Stop In The Wet?

Following on from our previous post about knowing our braking distances, we are going to look at considerations when driving in wet conditions. First, we have to understand that it takes twice as long to stop in wet conditions. Safe … Continue reading

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Keeping Healthy Car Air Conditioning

As summer is approaching we should consider our car’s air conditioner. It is so important that it is in good condition for the heat of an Aussie summer, not only for your comfort but also for your health. Today we’re … Continue reading


Fuel Efficiency & Spark Plugs

A good spark plug can not only save you an arm and leg in fuel consumption, it also ensures the emissions from your car are kept at a minimum. Air, Fuel and Spark Plug An internal combustion engine requires three … Continue reading

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Is My Power Steering OK?

Most common power steering systems use an engine driven hydraulic pump with a hydraulic assisted power steering rack or box. More recent advances include remote electric pressure pumps and four wheel hydraulic steering systems. How do I know if something … Continue reading

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Reasons why we Road Rage

Road Rage We have all experienced road rage in one way or another. From us venting to getting vented on aggressively on the roads, this is a problem that is increasingly evident on our roads. In 2007, a study found … Continue reading

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