Why choose NGK Iridium Spark Plugs [VIDEO]

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs Video Transcription

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So often we buy an item that claims to be “one size fits all”.
When it comes to spark plugs, this may have been so in days gone by, but it’s definitely not the case now.

Today’s high tech and sophisticated engines are made to run far hotter than the engines of old, mainly as a consequence of manufacturers striving to achieve government imposed emissions standards.

As a result, there is an ever increasing demand on engine parts to operate at higher tolerance levels and more efficiently than ever before. This is especially so for spark plugs.

This also means there are now a great number of different spark plug types available, which puts you at greater risk of using the wrong plug.

Did you know that using the incorrect spark plug on an engine can cause catastrophic engine failure? While one plug may look just like the other one, the internal electrode can vary significantly.

The projection from one plug to another can also vary and again the wrong plug can cause damage to the internal working of the engine.

Spark plugs are now being made of precious metals, such as platinum and iridium. These precious metals further assist in the reduction of emissions.

These plugs last longer than the traditional nickel plugs. And while they do cost more, they also offer a far greater level of ignitibility than the traditional nickel plugs.

This Ignitability is the key to the performance levels and fuel efficiency of your car. So instead of saving money with cheap plugs, you may end up paying more, not to mention taking the risk of damaging the engine.

The bright sparks at your local Repco Authorise Service Centre is the place to go to ensure your car is fitted with the right spark plug.

…and remember one size does NOT fit all!

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