Motoring About – Get Your Bearings Right [Video]

Did you get up this morning and wonder if your wheel bearings were functioning correctly? No, you aren’t alone there! So, what are wheel bearings and why are they important?

View our latest AutoFact video below, it will help you get your bearings on this subject.

AutoFacts Wheel Bearing Transcript

If you want to keep your motor running without heat or friction developing you really need to get your bearings right.
Like all moving parts on a car, bearings are subject wear and tear. You may have heard the term ‘pack the bearings’ which means packing the bearings with grease to keep them moving freely.

As some bearings are in sealed units, when it comes time to change them the whole unit is replaced.

One of the bearings subject to a lot of wear are the wheel bearings which are positioned in the hub which the wheel is bolted to.

If a wheel bearing starts to wear there will be free play in the wheel and if not replaced it will eventually collapse. The good news is, when you bring your car into your REPCO Authorised Service Centre for a service, your bearings are inspected as part of their 65 point safety check.

It’s all about putting your safety first by getting on top of things early… saving you headaches – and money.

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