Motoring About. Car Service Deals – Warning Signs [VIDEO]

Car Service Deals – Warning Signs:

If you’re Motoring About online, look out for coupon deals that could be more dodgy than great deal. You could be heading for a big disappointment.

In recent years a plethora of coupon deal websites such as groupon, living social and daily deals, have been offering what appear to be amazing (some would say ridiculous) car service deals, with offers like a $600 car service for just $49. Now with such a big price difference, you’d have to ask yourself if that really adds up Because, if you your offered something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

After all, the average price of a reasonable quality oil is around $25 or $30, even more for synthetic ……
and then there’s the cost of the oil filter… say at least 7 or 8 dollars as a minimum and we haven’t even included the mechanics time yet

Don’t ignore the signs. Be wary of offers that seems too good to be true and do your homework BEFORE you purchase the coupon. Even chat it through with your local Repco Authorised Service centre and ask them if it’s a genuine good deal. You’ll be assured of honest advice, from the best heads in the business, and that’s a guarantee.

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