Motoring About – Heading For A Boil Over? [Video]

With warmer weather coming now is the time to make sure your cooling system is in peak operating condition. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road all hot under the collar!

A lot of people think that keeping the radiator topped up is all that needs to be done to keep your car from overheating and your cooling system working properly. This is not the case.

The role of the cooling system is to dissipate the heat, therefore reducing the stress placed on the engine. This heat is produced when chemical energy (fuel) is converted into the energy that drives the mechanical elements of the engine to power the car. See our new AutoFacts Video to understand how your cooling system works.

Video Transcript

Want the Auto Facts on the one way to keep your cool on the highway? Avoid a breakdown by keeping your cooling system hoses in check.
If you think the harsh Australian environment is tough on drivers, imagine the impact it has on your car’s cooling system. Day in and day out, those hoses have a big job to do, transferring hot and cold coolant from the radiator to the engine block, which is critical to maintaining the engine’s temperature.
So as the hoses get older, they can become soft and swollen and are more likely to split… or they can become hard and brittle causing them to crack and leak. Either way, if not maintained regularly, they’ll eventually wear out and need replacing.

And if one hose needs replacing, chances are it’s not alone, because they are all subject to the same wear and tear.

Here’s a couple of AUTO FACTS that could save you from becoming hot under the collar… it’s more economical to change all the hoses at the same time… you’ll only have to pay for one lot of coolant and it will save the frustration and inconvenience of another hose failing soon after one has been replaced.

You might like to think about changing the radiator cap and thermostat at the same time too, as they’ll probably be due…. Or you could leave it up to the team at your Repco Authorised Service Centre.

As a matter of course they’ll pressure test your system which will reduce the risk of breakdown … well worth the investment if you don’t want to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere, or seen losing your cool in the middle of busy peak hour traffic!

You can take it from the best heads in the business …. local professionals with the nationwide backing of the biggest name in the automotive industry – Repco.

And that’s an AUTO FACT.

You’ll find them near you at

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