Motoring ABout – Essential Oils [Video]

Everyone knows the importance of changing the oil in their car but many people forget the other essential oils and fluids that are critical to keeping a vehicle running smoothly.

This new video explains everything you need to know to keep you motoring about.

Video Transcript

Let us give you the Auto Facts and the good oil on exactly what kind of fluids are essential to keep your motor running.

Sure your engine oil is changed when you have your car serviced, but did you know that there are other oils and fluids which should be changed periodically?

You need to check that your automatic transmission, manual gearbox, differential and power steering systems are kept lubricated, because unlike the engine, some of these systems are not protected by a filter.

By keeping the oil drained and replaced regularly, you’ll reduce friction between these mechanical parts ensuring they don’t wear out more quickly than they should.

As oil gets older it collects abrasive impurities. Additives used in the oil to help it suit a certain application, can diminish over time and with use.
Heat produced, particularly in automatic transmissions, can also affect the oil’s lubricating properties.

How often the oil should be changed will vary, depending on the particular oil, the job it does and the type of driving you do.

You’ll see the recommended intervals in your vehicle owner’s manual…..or you can leave it up to your Repco Authorised Service team. They know that your investment in maintenance can save on costly repairs.

You can take it from the from the best heads in the business …. local professionals with the nation-wide backing of the biggest name in the automotive industry.
And that’s an AUTO FACT.

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