Motoring About – Catalytic Converter and Exhaust [Video]

Usually only heard but not seen, our latest Auto Facts looks at how your exhaust system works to reduce emissions and noise from your engine.  Understanding how this works along with regular maintenance can also help save you money on fuel.


The Auto Facts on your vehicle’s exhaust system, is its job is to remove the burnt fuel gases from the engine and reduce the carbon emissions and noise pollution.

The removal of the burnt fuel gases is handled by the exhaust pipe; the catalytic converter reduces the carbon emissions while the muffler reduces noise pollution.

Given its position, the system is also exposed to the elements, which can cause the seals to leak or the pipe to crack or rust and develop holes.

Apart from the noise pollution, exhaust gases are poisonous carbon dioxide and can leak into the vehicle’s cabin. If this is happening, open the windows immediately and get the system checked urgently.

The catalytic converter works as a filter and after a while becomes clogged. Now as you can imagine, that means the exhaust gases are not escaping the engine efficiently and therefore affecting its performance. Just past the catalytic converter, set in the exhaust pipe, is an oxygen sensor which measures the amount of carbon dioxide passing through the pipe. If the catalytic converter is clogged, the sensor will alert the engine’s computer.  A qualified professional technician has specialist equipment to test and rectify this.

Located at the rear of the exhaust system, the muffler has a series of baffles that reduce the engine noise. However, if over time it deteriorates or leaks, it will affect your vehicle’s performance.

The good news is, when get your car serviced at your REPCO Authorised Service Centre, your exhaust system is inspected as part of their 65 point safety check.  It’s all about putting your safety first by getting on top of things early… saving you headaches – and money.

And that’s an AUTO FACT.

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