Holden pushes LPG with New Range

As the cost of fuel continues to rise, Holden releases its new range of LPG vehicles for those that want a fuel efficient car with the performance they expect from Holden.

With the launch of the Commodore LPG Vapour Injection range, Holden has put a stake in the ground and thrown out a challenge.

It has produced, it says, “the right car” for Australia – one that offers the space and mechanical robustness of a large car, but with the running costs of a small car.

And in removing the ‘fuel cost barrier’ to buyers, the challenge is for Australian families and fleets to shed their misconceptions about LPG and LPG cars, and to embrace the fuel that this country has in abundance…

…yes, the LPG Commodore has a killer value-equation advantage.

Making the case for LPG

On the matter of LPG, on why it can – and should – become the fuel of choice for Australians, Holden has more than a few things to say. Each of the points it makes is right.

Australia produces far more LPG than it uses. Though there has been recent price rises, it has remained over the long term consistently under half the price of ULP and is subject to less price fluctuations. (The LPG pump-price we pay here is set against the Saudi Aramco CP – or contract price – which is set monthly.)

LPG is also an indigenous fuel; for our energy security, reducing our dependence upon imported fuel is good for the country, and good for local industry.

At the launch of the LPG Commodore, Mike Devereux said, “Brazil in the 90s made the transition from fossil fuel to ethanol-based fuel. I think there is a possibility (in Australia) to make the energy transition to LPG. They’ve done it in other countries, we can do it here.”

It’s not a bad point. He will be hoping that ordinary Australian families are ready to make the transition. Of course, a few sudden petrol price shocks might help them along.

Holden in the meantime, and Ford, has a car for them: two large cars with the running costs of a small car.

We’re spoiled with the quality of our large cars at the prices at which we can buy them.

If you have turned your back on them over recent years, the LPG Commodore is one very good reason to come back and have another look.

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