Fuel Efficiency & Spark Plugs

A good spark plug can not only save you an arm and leg in fuel consumption, it also ensures the emissions from your car are kept at a minimum.

Air, Fuel and Spark Plug

An internal combustion engine requires three key ingredients to operate: air, fuel and spark. A spark plug is a critical engine component that provides the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture that drives an engine.

Help the Environment one spark at a time

Spark plugs

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In a nutshell, as spark plugs wear, the gap between the plugs electrodes closes up. This in turn can effect your cars fuel consumption and increases your cars emissions.

As emission laws become more stringent, the performance expectations of spark plugs also increase. Repco Authorised Service Centres use only high quality spark plugs in vehicle servicing.

NGK have developed a range of Iridium spark plugs to meet and surpass the modern requirements of vehicle manufacturers. Precious metals such as Iridium have much higher melting points over traditional metals such as Nickel. This allows centre electrode diameters to reduce from 2.5mm using Nickel, to 0.6mm using Iridium.

So, what does this mean for you and your car? The finer point equates to a more complete burn that delivers:
Improved acceleration
Improved fuel consumption
Smoother idling
All this means decreased emissions and improved fuel consumption from your car.

Check out the Auto Facts Video for Spark Plugs here.

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For even greater fuel efficiency, consider an LPG conversion.
Here is some great information about LPG conversions.

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