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Car Service Deals & Coupons – You may want to reconsider

So you’ve found some amazingly priced car service deals and coupons on your favourite daily deal website by a mechanic in your area. It was perfect timing too as your vehicle has just reached its next service milestone. Many people will be … Continue reading


Using The Right Oil For Your Car

Protect your car with the right oil As the internet continues to empower the user and becomes an ever-growing resource of information.The trend of car owners turning to DIY servicing to save money has become much more common. While we … Continue reading

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Is My Power Steering OK?

Most common power steering systems use an engine driven hydraulic pump with a hydraulic assisted power steering rack or box. More recent advances include remote electric pressure pumps and four wheel hydraulic steering systems. How do I know if something … Continue reading

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What is EFI and how does it help my car?

EFI stands for ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION The Electronic Fuel Injection system fitted to most modern vehicles combines sophisticated computer controls with a high pressure fuel delivery system to provide optimum power and fuel efficiency. The system is controlled by an … Continue reading

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Is Oil Sludge Killing Your Car?

What is oil sludge? Oil sludge is the result of the breakdown of over-stressed oil in your engine and it is becoming extremely common in all vehicles – in particular those manufactured from 1997 on-wards.   What does oil sludge … Continue reading