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Using The Right Oil For Your Car

Protect your car with the right oil As the internet continues to empower the user and becomes an ever-growing resource of information.The trend of car owners turning to DIY servicing to save money has become much more common. While we … Continue reading

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Oxygen Sensors and Your Car

OXYGEN SENSORS The Oxygen Sensor is a small electronic device that is located in the combustion exhaust manifold of a modern vehicle engine. WHAT DOES AN OXYGEN SENSOR DO? A vehicle’s engine management computer relies on accurate information in order … Continue reading

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The Law & Belts

Belt Up Even if you’re just going around the corner. Most accidents occur within 10 km of the victim’s home. No trip’s too short. Statistics show that if you are not wearing a seat belt, you’ll suffer worse injuries in … Continue reading

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Why We Should Consider an LPG Installation

As petrol prices continue to climb higher and higher, perhaps the idea of a switch to LPG is not so far-fetched. The savings add up long term, the government offers a generous subsidy and your car will have a smaller … Continue reading

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Storing Your Car Safely over the Holidays

Many of us may be heading away from home over the holiday season, which leaves our poor car at home along with our pets. Today’s post will look at steps to help us store our car safely to maintain its … Continue reading


Cabin Air Filters

Knowing the health issues about cabin air filters. The air inside an average vehicle has been proven to have a much higher concentration of pollutants than the air just outside the vehicle. These contaminants can trigger headaches, nausea, fatigue and … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Summer – Cooling System Hoses

As summer rolls in, it’s probably a great time to ensure our cooling system hoses are in good shape! We hope this post informs you of: – Making sure your engine doesn’t overheat due to hoses – Testing the radiator … Continue reading

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Could You Stop In The Wet?

Following on from our previous post about knowing our braking distances, we are going to look at considerations when driving in wet conditions. First, we have to understand that it takes twice as long to stop in wet conditions. Safe … Continue reading

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