10 Cool Car Accessories For Automotive Geeks

Think you’re a bit of a car geek or love tech? Here are a few cool car accessories to bolster your geek cred (if there is such a thing!).

DVD multimedia tuner with bluetooth

The move from plain audio to audio visual has definitely been the logical progression for all geek car enthusiasts. Why not enjoy the film clip to your favourite bass pumping track or sit back and watch a Spielberg blockbuster! Just make sure you’re not driving at the same time…

The Automedia AMV-7100BT has a 7” motorised touch screen for easy navigation that accepts CDs and DVDs. It also features USB and SD card inputs, 4 x 50W outputs and an AV input.

Roof mounted LCD monitor (for the backseat drivers)

If you’ve got a DVD going in the front you can’t let your kids or those pesky back seat drivers miss out on the action. A roof mounted LCD monitor is the perfect way to keep everyone happy.

The Automedia AM-92 compliments the AMV-7100BT perfectly with a 9.2” high-res digital TFT LCD flip down roof monitor that features an infrared transmitter for wireless headphones, dual video inputs and a remote control.

Wired reverse camera systems (reverse mirror and monitor)

Not the most competent when reversing? Or do you want to make sure your kids are out of harms way when reversing out of the driveway? Then a reverse camera systems is definitely for you.

The Automedia 4.3” reversing system is the perfect choice to replace your existing reverse mirror. It also has built in Bluetooth for handsfree calling that includes an external microphone. It is a completely wired system with 2 AV inputs and touch screen controls that are connected to a compact multi angle adjustable reverse camera with a 170 degree wide angle lens.

Power Inverter (household appliance plug and USB)

Do you ever go on road trips and need to charge something that uses a household plug? Then a power inverter is definitely for you. If you don’t have an in-car DVD system, no worries! Take your laptop and charge it through this beast!

It also includes a USB charger, FM transmitter and audio input if your tuner doesn’t have audio in for your mp3 player.

GPS Navigation system

They’ve been around for a few years now and if you haven’t got one then your geek car enthusiast status may be in limbo! Spend less time tinkering with that old book of maps and stay safe using a top navigation system.

The NAVMAN MY350LMT Navigation Unit has a huge 5” screen with a ton of features including: Bluetooth handsfree connectivity, live traffic updates, AU & NZ maps, smart find, roadside assist, 3D junction views with real signage, spoken safety alerts and voice destination entry.

UHF radio for country geeks

You can take a geek out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of a geek! One of the staples in a country geeks car (usually a ute) is a UHF radio. They’re used for many things including smooth talking your way to taking the town’s prettiest girl to the next B and F ball.

The Oricom 5 Watt UHF Radio has 80 channels and a 7 colour backlit LCD display to set the mood. The micro transceiver makes for easy mounting. It also includes 38 interference eliminator codes to block any unwanted conversations.

Walkie Talkies for road trip geeks

Are you or one of your friends a bit like Sheldon Cooper when it comes to multiple car road trips? Even if you’re not you can have a ton of fun with walkie talkies between cars. Tell the car infront to “Go faster nana!” or let them know it’s time for a toilet stop. Oh and don’t forget iSpy!

The Oricom 0.5 Watt UHF CB Twin Pack will set you back around $40. With 80 channels and up to 3km of range you’ll always have something to keep you occupied.

Handsfree Phone Dock

We all know it can cost a pretty penny if you get caught using your mobile phone while driving. It can even lead to serious accidents that should never happen. That’s why not only geek car enthusiasts but all drivers should get their hands on a universal handsfree phone dock.

Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

The Bluetooth handsfree kit by Aerpro is the perfect companion to the handsfree phone dock. It also features Aux In allowing you to connect to your tuner and stream music from any Bluetooth capable device. You’ll also have calls going through your car sound system.

High powered LED work light

Are you a car geek and don’t mind getting your hands dirty under the bonnet? If yes then the Repco 3 High Powered LED Work Light ticks both the geek and car enthusiast boxes.

It utilises a wireless induction rechargeable lithium ion battery with a wall mountable charging case. It comes with a shock resistant case that is also waterproof up to 5m.

Have any other cool car accessories for geeks you think are worthy? Drop them in the comments below and we’ll update the list.

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